Posted: February  17, 2017

Hansen Protection A/S and The DSS Group of Companies
Enter into Strategic Alliance

February 17, 2017

Recognizing the needs of Canadian Marine Professionals and the challenges of effectively reaching a large geography with diverse cultures and regulations, Hansen Protection has entered into a strategic alliance with The DSS Group of Companies. Comprised of DSS Marine Inc., NORD Marine Services Limited, DSS Marine Limitée, DSS Aviation Inc., and FitzWright Survival Inc., the DSS Group of Companies will work with Hansen Protection to represent and expand its sales and service support operations in Canada. 

Hansen Protection A/S, of Norway is a High-tech textiles manufacturer, specializing in Marine and Aviation Personal Protective Equipment. Hansen Protection has a solid history in Canada, with particular focus on the Offshore Oil and Gas industry, providing the highest quality Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suits to safely move workers through the dangerous North Atlantic to remote oil and gas production platforms. In recent years a more focused effort has been made to bring the broader line of the High Performance Hansen products to the Canadian marketplace Ė including marine immersion suits, lifejackets, special dry suits, and thermal protective aids.

The DSS Group of Companies is a Canadian Owned group of companies involved in the distribution and service of Marine and Aviation Life Saving equipment. For two decades, the DSS Group of Companies has been developing a high quality distribution network throughout Canada and providing top quality technical services and solutions in a demanding and competitive market.

This new alliance provides a significantly larger Canadian footprint for Hansen Protection products in Canada with the addition of The DSS Group of Companies own marine distribution and service facilities across the country Ė with locations in Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Québec and British Columbia. This alliance also makes Hansen Protection products immediately available throughout DSSís supply chain of marine distributors and dealers in all regions of Canada.

In addition, the alliance will provide a route for bringing the variety of newly developed Air Crew and Helicopter Passenger Suits to the aviation market through the DSS Groupís two Aviation companies. DSS Aviation Inc. and FitzWright Survival Inc. in co-operation with Hansen Protection will provide specialized aviation overhaul and recertification services for both Transport Canada and EASA requirements. This joint effort will provide top quality products and services for aviation professionals in all regions of Canada, at a critical time when new regulations are coming into force for operators.

This new strategic alliance between Hansen Protection A/S and The DSS Group of Companies is a very significant step in expanding the Hansen Protection brand in Canada.

For more information, please contact:
Hansen Protection: 
Tykkemyr 27, N-1597 
Moss, Norway 
Phone: (+47) 69 00 13 00, Fax: (+47) 69 00 13 01

The DSS Group of Companies:
71 Wright Avenue, Dartmouth, 
Nova Scotia, B3B 1H4,Canada.
Phone: +01) 902-8354848, Fax (+01) 902-835-6269

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